Project: S.W.A.T. Super Mario

Ok, I have not yet began modeling this yet. My plan is to model super mario as a swat team member. I will have him wearing the all black, the goggles, the helmet, smoke nades on his belt, and an assult rifle. This will truely be a test of creativety. I will start by modeling the gun. I will post my sketch plans asap. I also plan on eventually adding him into a short animated movie. Please post your opinions. I will need help so please keep checking back. What do you suggest and what do you think?

For the modelling: The helmet will have to have an “M” on the front, and it’d be a good idea to try to leave his face unobstructed. He does play baseball without a helmet, after all. And change the “S.W.A.T.” to something like “M.B.A.T.” (for Mario Bros. Assult Team).

For the animation: Maybe have Mario and Luigi (when you get one, you can easily model the other) burst into a back-alley room filled with Goombas or Koopas playing cards and bust them for having illeagal 4-UP Mushrooms. If you could model black Yoshis, then they could be used for transportation and eggshell shields.

thanks for showing interest in my project. Here is a quick sketch I did in about 10 minutes. It is not detailed and doesn’t contain many features that will be in the model. These include goggles, military boots, layered clothing, padded gloves, assault rifle…ect.

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please tell me what you think and give me suggestions

it looks great. but we’re not here to critique your drawing techniques…thats what the “traditional” forum is for :]

anyways…start modeling something and then we can use the concept as a reference to your modeling to further understand your idea for this project.

I simply want suggestions for the model. I posted here because this will be my worklog. I will start modeling the gun today or tomm.

its kinda hard to give you suggestions on how you should model something, except to say use good topology and such.

Change his red hat for a one of those swat hats they wear the black kevlar. With a big M on it.

I would suggest a black cloth covering his mouth but have his moustache sticking out.

You planning it to be realistic this animation?

I would suggest the koopas holding Peach hostage and Bowser as the gang leader.

You need a sniper! you could have some koopas escaping out the back of a building and Toad as the sniper :smiley: poping them off as they escape.

lol good idea. Sorry I’m not trying to be a jerk. I will start modeling asap

Great idea! I hope he has a riot shield and a mushroom baton. Not sure if he needs a knife though, doesn’t seem like mario. He tends to jump on things. You could have S.Q.U.A.T on the helmut or shield.

I will have him be part of the M.K.A.T. (Mushroom Kingdom Assault Team)

M.K.A.T. … sounds like a brain scan you can get at a hospital,hehe

lol, yeah It does

luigi should be there as “the muscle” :wink:

Sounds cool. But you should post here when you have a model to show, not just a reference picture.