Project "SAND"

Not quite sure if this is actually going to go anywhere… but here’s a couple of videos of what I have so far…


Video from earlier this year.
Not quite the best sandstorm… But I like it…

New Rifle-

Much more recent (last night in fact)
Newer rifle, with hands.
Sandstorm effect disabled for sake of FPS while recording.

Let me know what you think…:smiley:

Very nice sound effects and animations, and great sandstorm effect. The automatic gun sound effect in the second video could be softer, though. It sounds to much like a loop. Other than that, great work :slight_smile:

Looking good :slight_smile:

I never really noticed that, thanks for bringing it up!

I’ll see if I can make it less “loop-like”.

The gun sound in the first video was an explosion sound I ripped out of Counter-Strike: Condition Zero.
The second one was a couple of CS gun-sounds, Battlefield 2142 gun-sounds and Creative Commons explosions and lasers edited together in Audacity…

I’m also having trouble with the whole arm setup… It looks too… freaked-up. Which is sad considering I was using my own hand as reference… :frowning:
If anyone has any pointers on that I’d really appreciate it!

this looks awesome! but a few ideas
i would make the sparks that you showed in the first video that appear when shooting at metal i would make thows faster
and the steam and water i would tweak to make more realistic. but other than this looks pretty cool!


Thanks for the all the comments so far!
Here’s an updated version…

I switched out the shooting sound effect and I moved some bit on the gun around, as well as adding a slide-type thing for the sight… which I think makes it look a little more realistic…

Much better :wink: Nice effects :slight_smile:

Hey, looks pretty cool! Im really liking the sound design. I think this will be of some value to your project

I made it for testing purposes, to help people out with projects such as yours. 100% free, enjoy!

Dude! That’s really cool! Thank you so much!

@red_teamspartan- Excellent job on the map! Thank you very much.

Glad I could help! Sorry about some areas needing more polish.

PS: Please rate it on the site when you have the chance

Made this a couple of days ago… and I think I’m going to add a much improved version to “SAND”… (Will add video as soon as I can get onto YouTube…)


Enjoy the 'splosions!

Okay… here’s the Updated Version… now in the form of a UAV!

Wow dude thats amazing! It shows that you know what your doing? Are you doing this alone or do you want some help with modeling weapons and props? Im willing to help just message me thanks.

The last video is really impressive! Maybe you could make a more elaborate overlay scene for targetting systems when in UAV mode, like this.

Out of curiosity, what are you using to fire the shots? Physical objects, rays or a combination of the two?

Oh, and I really like the shots fired in the water!!!

Even though it’s been a while since you posted this, Thanks!
I wanted a more elaborate/complex/realistic hud for the UAV, but I kinda liked the “circle with random numbers around it” look.

As for the bullets, they are physical objects with ray sensors in the front that detect collisions and end the bullet/add bullet impact effects… and stuff. Same with the orbital bombardment missiles.