Project Teddy

Some guy at the University of Tokyo developed a simple but attractive java applet that lets you sketch 3d objects

Whats more, if you download it you can save objects as .obj and import them into blender.
Might be a nice way to create a base mesh for sculpting on.


Been trying this soft sometimes awhile ago. It’s now part of alice99 (a real time application authoring). Alice99 itself seems to be dropped. The website said there’s alice 2.0 but the link seem down.

Now there’s a new version called “smooth teddy”. It’s not so intuitive as it seems. It’s quite fun for kids but may not be very useful for bigger project.

oh i remember these, got to be 5 to 8 years ago. Check out ‘Chateau’ by the same for modelling buildings and ‘cameleon’ the mesh painter.

Can’t get them to work now need Java VM i think.

I played with Teddy a while ago - was fun but buggy. Wasn’t “sketch based modelling” GSoc Project to do with something like this?


ding… anyone remember “google sketchup”?