-Hi everybody!
How project texture a WHOLE object JUST ONE SIDE?
For example: I project a texture to the sphere from front
side and the projected texture don’t visible
back side of sphere!
What for?
Because I use multiple projected texture from
diferent direction and overlapped each other.

Thank’s for any good idea.

Use three lamps and set them as 'Spot’s. Arrange them at the same distance from your object. Position them 120 degrees apart. Set the ‘Spotsize’ the same for each lamp. Set ‘shadows’ off and ‘Square’ on.

Take your image to an image editor and divide it into three seperate images. Load them in sequence, one into each spot as a texture.

If you want the images to move with your model when you animate it then parent the spots to the object.

If you want more than one image and you want them to overlap then skip the # step and load a seperate image into each lamp. If you do this you can place the spots anywhere.

Of course, this might not be what you want? but I hope it is!