Project Textures on Low Poly

Hey I hope thats easy to solve, I haven’t found anything for weeks to this topic so I ask it here:
I have a high poly, textured and a low poly untextured both with different UV maps of course
so is it somehow possible to project just the textures of the high poly to the low poly model?

… shouldn’t this be the usual way, because normal maps try to create the high poly model onto the low poly one, so the textures should be mapped from the high poly to the low poly too? but thats just a guess, not the real question…

thanks in advice,

Texture bake should be perfectly fine. Make sure LP is unwrapped and has texture image to bake to. Use Selected to Active option; both objects need to be same spot, one layer.

Maybe this would work, but not for me as I have a lot of materials on the high poly and I get a “circular reference in texture stack”-error, even I bake it to a new untitled image I created in the image editor, and he does really bake to that image, so I’ve no idea why this error occurs.

Okay this was my own fault - I backed to an image I used as texture for the object
so for everyone facing the same problem or getting the same error:
-go in the edit mode
-UV/Image Editor Window
-there select the texture you want to bake to, create the texture in this editor to avoid circular reference errors
-don’t use the texture as material or texture on any object
Hope that helps someone :slight_smile: