Project "The Fire of Mondul"

Hi all,

It’s the first time I post some images in this forum. It is a work in progress, and it are no renderings, just screenshots, because rendering takes too long, and certainly when I want to have several. So, here they are.




Thoughts, problems, explenations and some more images are in my blog, for those that might get interested.



I think it looks reasonably good so far, but it’s hard to tell what what setup you’re going for without a render, even a really cheap, low quality type.

Oh I though you missed forum, and you should’ve posted it at Game Engine.
nice start tho, hope you iprove a lot.


thanx…but as I mentioned, these are screenshots, not renders…I thought I had explained it though… :confused:
renderings will come later… when I havce the PC power…

Naw, it’s no problem. Why, though, what’re your pc specs?

Anyway, what are you looking for crits on–architecture or what?

‘bit’ by ‘bit’ my project is growing, I just want to show you all what I’m doing, in the hope that some people might want to help… I’ll add more details during the devellopment.

Any crits and comments are welcome, but I know it’s hard to do with screenshots… for one frame rendered with the ‘full’ option, lasted 3 hours… pfff, I guess it’s because of the raytraced reflection and transparency. It also is a real big scéne.

My computer is a 2,6 GHz Pentium 4, with one 256, and one 512 MB ram. Not enough, I know, but it works to model the objects so far… :-), and I’m about to buy a new one now, dual core, E6600 intel, with 4GB ram. I think that should run faster. If I can, I’ll put the one I’m working with in a network, and use it too, like in a renderfarm, not much with only two computers, but it will help.

For now I need the computer to work on, and not to render with, so I guess I’ll have to wait for real renders when I have my new computer, and have some more textures finished for this initial scéne.

Hey all,

Now I’ve got a new computer, a dual core E6700 intel processor, 4 GB of ram, a Geforce NVidia card with 512 MB ram, (7600), a 320 GB SATA harddrive, and I tried Open Suse 10.2 on it…
that did not work… first I had a problem with a jmicron driver to get my DVD-drive recognised, and when I got it installed, the module agpgard crashed when it found the chipset. Ok, it’s a new motherboard, but when I tried Ubuntu 6.10, it seemed to work fine…

untill I tried blender (2.42a)…

I wanted to get some renderings to post on this thread, but…
-The first one worked perfectly
then I continued on the trees inside glass house that I’m making, and tried to render again…

The only difference is, more faces…

I must say, it is a big scene, could it be that the mem: is too high? Perhaps my swap is formatted the wrong way, so it can’t take a temporarily file of more then 2.5 GB… yes, in the renderwindow, behind 'Mem: it counts up to above 2.5 GB… (for a preview sised image), and I even don’t have textures on it yet…
there are several particle systems in it, for the fire I want to have… but I’ll need at least 4 more…
enabling or disabling raytracing doesn’t make it any better.

Plze help… Now I’ve spended 1700 € in new PC, and I don’t to waste it on microsoft!

It still doesn’t work!!!

By the way, when loading a video in the video-sequence editor, and then wanting to see the preview window, it crashes too…

I want to post some results of what I make in this thread in stead of my frustrations…

What is the polycount? Have u tried to seperate ur scene into different layers? Basicly you should only render what is visible or inflict any changes (shadows, blocking light, etc.) to the present scene.

Yeah, I figured it out, finally… too high polycount indeed…sigh.
I removed some subsurf modifiers, and then it worked.
I’m lucky those objects are only seen in the distance.

anyhow, here’s the render that did come out.
lightning is not ok yet, and there are no real textures yet either.
It are the leaves of the trees inside the glass house that were the problem. I still need 4 torches that would light the glasshouse from the inside.

Well, I do will have 2 characters that will walk down the stairs, from the tower to the glass house. I had hoped that I could do that in one scene, but if the polycount will cause trouble, I’ll have to change my mind, and do some tricks to make it fluently.

I’m already relieved I got a rendering…lol


Bake the trees as billboards.

euhm, would you like to explain me that technique?

Is this goin to be just one render, of this particular scene? Then I would suggest reducing subsurf just before you start notice segments. Best thing to do is to model everything from your camera view, when you have picked one that is :-). Then you can make things far away really simple and concentrate your polys and details on objects that are closer to the camera.

Hi all,

I thought I should let you know my 3D project is ‘project of the week’ now on Celtx.
I use Celtx as a tool to write the script, and to put my script and storyboard online.

I was really surprised about their interest in my project, and I’m really glad for the publicity I get from it.

Feel free to visit the blog.