Project Toilet

  • Yafray 0.0.9
  • Blender 2.48a
  • The Gimp 2.6
  • Ubuntu 8.10 ( Intrepid ibex )
  • Inkscape 0.46

Render for about 20 minutes.
Camera Aperture is setup for f/2.8
Textures are made using The Gimps
The wood texture are from
No skies, just a plain white.
Postwork done on The Gimp 2.6. I added some vignetting, make it more colorful and to darken it.
‘Source Code’ ( .blend file ) : ( under Creative Common Attribution license )


also here:
and here:

hope you like it :smiley:
thank for viewing
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Nice, and thanks for the .blend.
But whenever I try to render it, it crashes. (I have Windows + yafray 0.0.9)
When I switch to blender internal it works.

Feared the title, but nice work. :slight_smile: Not sure if the depth of field is too strong or not. I think it’s ok, but I’m no photographer. A bit more variation in the wood texture perhaps is the only thing I can think of really.

to The Verb
maybe you can lower the render quality. i don’t know too much about Yafray.

to BenDansie
Thank you for viewing and comment :slight_smile:

Get your mind out of the toilet man… :stuck_out_tongue: Looks good though! I don’t like the DOF up close though… Looks kinda grainy and just not right to me for some reason. Like just around the faucet doesn’t look quitoe right… looks good otherwise!

to Dudebot13
as what BenDansie said, maybe the DOF is too strong.
anyway, thank for viewing and comment :slight_smile: i won’t do the same mistake for next project ;D

One question, wares the bogs? theses lots of sinks, but no bogs…

Apart from that, looking good, besides the colour banding,

Though i am originally from the construction industry some suggestions:

The room seems too low. its giving you the feel you are crushed any moment, considering a sink is mounted on an average height of 80cm, your room must be about 1.80m, which is quite low. Well most rooms are min. 2.10 in private buildings mostly more in public ones… those 30cm might not be much, but do a lot for the aesthetic

And maybe you should turn the texture of the wooden floor by 90 degrees.
Having the flow of the floor with the flow of the room, especially with a longish room, makes it look even longer and lower.

As for some recommendations to photorealism:

I only can say for some european countries, but where the pipe of the sink goes into the wall, there is mostly a cover made of metal to make it look more beautiful, because mostly there is an ugly hole after mounting the sink.

And the cover of the faucet looks very angled IMO. Might be intended though… Designers freedom.

Oh and i would use SSS on the sinks…

my 2 cents of CC eventhough its Finished Projects :wink:

to hessiess
thank for viewing and comment :slight_smile:
I dont know actually where is the bogs … I think, i just want to make a simple scene.

to arexma
thank for viewing and comment :slight_smile:
you are talking too detail. i dont realize about that. i just drag and drop the objects without measure the height and length. Actually, i dont know too much about architectural designing. I’m a newbie. Actually, i’m 13 years old ;).

I hope, god willing i wont do the same mistakes next time :slight_smile:

Impressive interior design! Great job! Though I might suggest you try adding more samples into your DoF settings so as to increase the qualiy of your blurs. And probably try lightening up the mirror or adding dust textures to add realism to the reflection.

Great work! :slight_smile:


thank you very much for viewing and comment Reyn :slight_smile:
I agree with you. I think, the DoF is quiet strong and has a low quality.

sweet! but the title is false… theres no toilets!

i got no idea for the tittle :stuck_out_tongue:

very nice.

That is quite the window in a bathroom!

Nice idea! 4stars.

Hardwood floor? Picture windows?Commercial waste bin? If I could find the paper towels I would definately wash up in there.
Just kiddin’.

Looks pretty real but a view out the window would seal it.