Project Tungsten: Join the Team!

A texture artist and a python programmer are needed Random Electron Studios’ project, Project Tungsten. If you are willing to join as a member of the team, please PM me. No screenshots are available of the work being done, as the project is meant to be top secret. A few early-stage screenshots of a practice model or two are on the Screenshot: Extra Extra! page, but they will need to be re-textured if we are to even use them.

If interested, please PM me!

-Ben Saegner

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thank you very much, I guess I accidentally posted this in the wrong forum. my bad! :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, I need an extremely low poly human. About 150-300 verts, but still decently realistic. Is this possible?

You can do wonders with low poly but with good textures and maybe screen filters, it depends on your game style if 150-300 verts low poly will be enough; only testing to know the necessary poly count for a nice result, if you ask me, I would say to aim for some more verts.

make human…just a suggestion

Thats a pretty low budget. Your talking no individual fingers and probably no extra verts for face animation. If you plan on animating this mesh all your extra poly will need to be around the bendable joints.

Pretty much! No details, just basic shape. this game is different than almost any others ever created on BA

Here is the basic model for an island in Level 1.

Enjoy! Texturing is next. Anyone willing to PM me for details and give it a shot?

PS: Sorry about the terrible quality of the picture, click on it and the weirdness goes away. :confused:

Your attachment is invalid. Please check again and reupload if needed.

Ive yet still to figure out how to make good terrain like that :slight_smile: but i would make a plato or something flater for the player to first start on because otherwise they might slide down and it could be really confusing seeing tall mountains and no where to really go. Basically maybe add more detail like on the scale of the player.

Nope, no plateaus in here to start off with. The player may create a plateau later, but it’s expensive to do so (cost’s a lot of gold)

I think you guys don’t even know what this game is (good, its supposed to be secret) any guesses as to a game similar?

oh so you can do like terraforming?

yes, you will be able to do terraforming, to an extent.

That is going to take a lot of programming, though… Which is why I NEED A PROGRAMMER!!!

We all need a programmer, so perhaps you need to spice it up a bit :slight_smile: :wink:

what do you mean by ‘spice it up’?

I’m guessing you mean to learn myself… And I am beginning to learn… but I won’t be near good enough for quite a while. I know logic bricks decently well, but they can’t do the full job. :stuck_out_tongue:

No I meant to say it is hard to find a programmer for any project, since they are in high demand :slight_smile:

Ah ok…

Yes, I am spicing it up quite a bit. It’s hard to really spice 'er up without a programmer, though… :confused:

But, a lot of work is being done! The level is being textured, and it’s coming along quite nicely! A lot of props/characters are coming too…

The low-poly character I needed earlier is no longer needed, because he has been completed by the team!

Also, check out my website in my signature and go to the blog to see some detailed updates!