Project Universe

Hello Blender Artists,
a few weeks ago i started to work on a project that my friend gave me to improve my blender skills and learn more about the universe.
I need to do two things to call this project successful: 1. make accurate image of our solar system (sun+8 planets+pluto)
2. Make an animation that will show every planet.
We thought that it would be good to show this project and get some constructive feedback from other people.
Also after the animation i was thinking to make a little application with the solar system that would me more into blenders game engine.

With sun i was experimenting alot. The sun texture is actually transparent and inside is a point light and a half-reflecting object so you couldn’t see through sun. I have no idea what i was doing :). Also i couldn’t make light go trough transparent parts of sun’s texture (it just gets lighter) so i used glare effect.
Mercury is pretty straight forward. I added 3 maps (specular, normal and diffuse). I still feel like i’m missing something. Like the little glowing parts that most of the images online have, but i don’t know how to add them.
For this one i have 2 objects, Venus surface and Venus clouds. Also i’ve added 0.1 emit on both objects.

Apparently i can’t attach more images to this post so I will just leave links for other planets.
Earth is without a doubt the best looking one. it was created thanks to Andre Price. He’s one of the best blender artists that i’ve seen so i recommend to check him out if you don’t know who he is.
Moon is just a bit more of extra work (i will be also making 4 main moons for Jupiter).
Mars is the most hospitable planet so i tried to make it look like the earth does (with clouds and atmospere).
Other planets are work in progress.
If you have any constructive feedback,tips or tricks on how to improve my planets, set up effects for final animation or anything at all please let me know. :slight_smile: