Project Websites for Hire

I can make you a custom website for your game project. You provide the content, and I will make it and add it.

Website no forum $20
Website with forum $35

Here is a sample of my own website. (Completed)

what did you use to make the website?

tsWebEditor, I hand code my websites, none of that drag and drop systems, or dreamweaver or anything.
I used a template for mine just for the graphics with the clouds and all, because I am not a graphic artist and I don’t do any 2D stuff.

Dreamweaver is just a glorified text editor, I don’t know anyone who does any drag-and-drop work with it.

$20 for a full website (assuming an average 5-pager) is EXCEPTIONALLY low. To the point where you’re ripping yourself off. I’d do some research into what other freelancers charge for websites - when I do websites from scratch I normally charge upwards of $700 for design and implementation for a 5-10 page site, and I’ve seen others do it for more.

Don’t sell yourself short!

Because you say you use a template you should charge less, because the foundation is already there. Strong 3D artists also have a strong 2D foundation - do some research into the latest web design trends and work on designing your own from scratch. Not only will it make yourself more marketable, it will make you stand out from the others who use the same template over and over again. Good luck!

Yeah I am not looking to make a bunch of money on it or anything, I work 6 days a week, so I just wanted something to do on the side for fun. I’d just like some lunch money is all. I am doing it low to help the community out.

Something else you might not be aware off is the huge amount of people working for peanuts in the Design business, clients seam to think artists want to work for fun or haven’t got bills to pay. I’ve had a few clients in the past that have said “But I can get in for half that price from my friend.” These sort of offers serve to harm the industry because they portray an industry thats cheap. Another larger example of this would be the DeviantArt Freelance Job Offer Forum.

I agree, I work in sign making, and people undercut us all the time. But I am not offering huge world of warcraft websites or anything. Just little project websites, to show off progress, screenshots, etc.

You could approach a project you like the look of and offer the services for free, that way you’ll get a lot more creative freedom and can pick and choice your clients, because if you’re doing it for even small fee’s you won’t see a lot of that in the web design field! Half the reason i got out of web design.

Professional web design is really really hard, they keep changing the codes and stuff, and nothing seems to work well with each other, then you have to code for cross browser formats, it’s not worth it. So I just play with it for fun.

How do you get the fund for your disign work? Is it paid work stuff?

What do you mean by that?