Project "Wild Life: Ants"(Blender Cycles)

This is my first post, I registered here today.I am from Russian, therefore sorry me for my english.This is my first quite big project, but I am working in Blender since 2013 year.I started this project today,more needs to be done a lot, and now - crude ant.I ask constructive criticism.

Allright, nice work! Nice start! When I have something like that, I usually retopo it and then bring it in sculpting software again to scuplt finer details on nicer topology :slight_smile:

The head is missing mandibles, though… but they as well could be added after retopo. I would not in general weld parts of a creature like that together, because it has shell (treat it more like a hard surface model, I’d say))

Otherwise nice, as I said! Looking forward to see your progress!

Thanks a lot) Yes, I need to add jaw and other small details,and then make retopology.But I am difficult enough to add really small details to the model, I need more training in sculpting.I think that this work will be a good experience for my future.Thanks for the tips)

Update: I add jaws and some small details.

And made retopology.Before(1236181 triangles)/After(259696 triangles).

you could still remove some of the loops in there if you have subsurf enabled !

but nice work here

happy cl

It looks great so far. I think the surface of the jaws should be more convex, as in the reference photo.