Project Workflow Question - Green Screen, 3d Objects, Masking, Mantaflow, etc

Hi all, I’m pretty new to Blender and any of this type of work, and am amazed at how powerful and versatile Blender is. I have a personal project I’m working on for fun and learning, and was hoping for some advice on how to accomplish this work which I think will span across several of the Blender environments.

My project goal is to take green screen video with a GoPro9 (60 fps, 1080p resolution) of myself.
Use the green screen to put myself in a crazy 2d environment.
Use a 3d skull engulfed with flames (mantaflow), that covers my face in the green screen video (replaces my head and follows my movements in the video).

I’ve dabbled in each of these areas separately, and am a little bit familiar with how this is supposed to work but definitely need a lot more work and understanding to pull this off.

My question is mostly about the order the workflow should go, and the main features/capabilities I will need to be using in each step. Below is an outline of what I think I need to do, but would highly appreciate any input from more experienced Blenderers :slight_smile:

  1. make the green screen video
  2. make the skull and mantaflow renders for each perspective the skull needs to be in for each shot.
  • do I “simply” need to render these animations to 1080p, 60 fps, and calibrate the size of the skull and flames to the necessary size in the green screen footage? Is this resolution and fps prohibitive when working with mantaflow simulations which I know take a ton of processing and HD space.
  1. track (with iframe) and mask the skull/flame object to my head in Compositing section. Render scene out of Compositing section.
  2. import scene from compositing section (now shows the skull/flame instead of my head) to the Compositing section and replace green screen with desired environment.
  3. Render video with skull/flame, and replaced green screen from Compositing section, and import into video editing.
  4. Video edit the final product from the Compositing section renders in the Video Editing tab. Render final product.

Any input is appreciated, or even pointers on what special features to use or avoid for a project like this.