Project Wrectified - 'The Plan'

Here is my plan for Wrectified in greater detail.

Blender Version - UPBGE + BP Player

  • Splash 1 (Unknown Forces)
  • Splash 2 (Made with Blender)
  • Splash 3 (Blender Game engine)
  • Splash 4 +Transition to (Main Menu)

Start New Game
Load Game
End Game

  • Start New Game
  1. Randomly generate huge terrain using seed (one seed we all choose*)
  2. Randomly generate roads using a seed
  3. Randomly assign lots for buildings
  4. Randomly place foliage using a seed/random
  5. We place building generator instances in lots by hand
  6. After generating the world, we edit it and pickle a change list. this list is then applied to client copies after the world is generated. (puzzles/ gates / game items / enemies and story)

Terrain = 10ux10u tiles made of 10X10 vertex - Splat Mapped
Roads = a small kit is used to generate roads made of instances of geometry and a texture atlas
Buildings = Exterior kit + interior kit made of instances of geometry and a texture atlas
Foliage = Using stuff found on forums that is Creative Commons

Enemies = Made from modular robotics pieces
Vehicles = Made from modular robotics pieces
Puzzles = Made from modular robotics pieces

Characters = Stylized / Semi Chibi / physics armatures actors with control proxie

Weapons = usable by vehicles, players, and enemy units - Small / Medium /Large
-Weapon code is totally self contained in weapon and in projectiles.

So Far

  • I have systems to assemble friendly and hostile units
  • I have a level editor
  • I am making a terrain editor
  • I have a random dungeon interior generator
  • I have control logic for enemy units and friendly units and robotics and vehicles
  • I have a really nice inventory system that is per player
  • I have Physics LOD and Lamp LOD system that can also be used to identify objects to be loaded in and out
  • I have a rough story and ideas for characters.
  • I have a system for mouse and keyboard and joystick control proxies
  • I have a system to handle camera actions
  • I have the control logic for 20 or so weapons
  • Some of these tests are working files and some are in ‘Meat space’ aka my brain derived from insights from previous tests.

Tips of Hat? Waves of Fingers?

Join? Destroy? Assimilate?

Resistance is Futile.