Project X21 (horror/survival game)

Hi Everyone.

Let me introduce you to my one-week project : X21.

A friend and I decided to create a video game using Blender Game Engine.
He has a webdesigner formation an some skill with CS5 that I’m lacking.
As for myself, I started blender in January 2015 and my main interest in blender is “programming” with logic bricks mainly. I’m very very bad in Python.

He was supposed to do the graphic part of the project. The story, the events; the background and everything. And he also wanted to model and texture everything but he is a beginner in blender.

I was supposed to make everything he asked for work, place all the elements; do the lighting and the animation as well for the time being. which suited me perfectly !

Finally, my friend only had time to do the 2D overlay graphics and a couple textures.

Here is what we ended up with. I Had to take a wolf modeling made by DennisH2010. I also took a box and maybe a few other free stuff online.

The menu music was made by a group of friends a long time ago.
The sounds are free sounds.

The project stopped yesterday, my friend cannot continue, I’m looking for new game ideas or project to work on in order to progress.

Any constructive comment is most welcome.

Thanks for having a look.

Controls are for french keyboard and the game is in french:
forward Z
backward S
left Q
right D
flashlight (both) F
toggle flashlight/camera V
take a screenshot appearing in the menu atm C (only work 3 times)