PROJECT: Zombie survival HIRING TEAM

Hello, I am working on a zombie survival map taking place in a small town and i just need a few help with modeling, programming, animation, ect. to make things go by faster. I will open up 6 slots for people to join. Thanks. -Jolly Green Giant

  1. m9105826 model/texturer

I’d be more than happy to do some modeling/texturing for the project

why thank you. If there is anything i could do to help you to i would be more than happy to help

just a few questions, is this a game or animation? any concept work done? what style are you going for etc.etc.

Game, your in a town, its just you unless i make computers or multiplayer idk, something similar to nazi zombies(black ops) but you actually have an open space and no barriers, hopefully many different guns.