Projected center snapping in Blender?

I noticed that there is a feature in Maya that enables u to place joints within ur mesh accurately and with ease.This makes rigging easier to set up.I think this is a very cool feature Blender should have.
What do u guys think?

I’ve been asking for this for years. It really is a must-have for adding armatures to meshes.

I am hoping someone makes an addon that can make this possible in Blender.Its really a timesaver.Now I am wishing I knew how to program or write scripts.Would something like this be difficult to write?

Don’t we kind of have that? Setting Snapping target to Volume let’s me snap bones right in the center of the mesh volume.

Sebastian, I need to try this out when I get home. You may have just blown my mind.

Yes, volume snapping does that. I also discovered it recently but haven’t found myself using it yet.

U are right.It works.Its funny how Blender has always had some of the features these professional apps have just added recently but not much ppl know of their existence.Why?Blender needs to do an official video with each new release to show the new features they have added.This is called marketing.Autodesk does this everytime they add new features to their applications.

Thanks Sebastian_K for letting us know.