Projectile (Rigidbody Initial Velocities)


(Zachman) #21

@Enjoy_Blender, I’m glad you love the addon! :slight_smile: I’m still developing it (I just have a few more features before my “initial” release), but I decided to let everyone try it as I develop. Once I finish I will write a full tutorial. Until then, you can download here. The link is in the first post. Also, the github page has a brief summary of the operation of the addon, and the videos show some features.

Here is a brief overview of the basic functionality.

  1. Install the addon
  2. Select the object you would like to set initial velocity / angular velocity
  3. In the sidebar (toggled by pressing N in the 3D view) there is a panel titled Projectile, inside there are various properties that can be set. By default the addon will automatically update the keyframing of the object, so you can immediately play the animation!

(Enjoy Blender) #22

I am sorry for the delay in my response . Thank you for your reply and developing.
I can make animation with rigid body because of your help.

(Zachman) #23

Ohh! A fancy twitter embed! :slight_smile: Download here

But as the video shows, I added functionality for objects to be hidden in viewport and render before they are launched. This wasn’t possible before because the visibility couldn’t be keyframed in 2.80!

Also added support for drawing all trajectories rather than just the selected object.

Silenced a few warnings.

(Zachman) #24

More updates this week!

Added a scene gravity update handler
Optimized drawing of trajectories (calculates all trajectories then draws)

As always, get the latest version from GitHub