Projectiles originating at incorrect locations

I don’t really know how to describe my issue, but basically as the player moves around the projectiles only follow a vague pattern, and don’t stay in the desired place of origin. If you guys could just download my .blend (at that link, I can’t get it up as an attachment) and take a gander that would be insanely helpful.

Thanks in advance.

Select your lasers and click on the Object menu. Go to Transform and select “origin to geometry”. All fixed.

Nope … Did you test that with my .blend or just take a guess? If you tested it … I’m really confused, haha. I selected my laser object in Object mode, Object > Transform > Origin to Geometry. Nuthin. Exact same result. Originally, when you first start the game they are more or less originating in the correct spot, but if I look up the laser origin increases on the Z axis, and if I look down it decreases. If I look left or right it does the same on the relative axis. Totally trips me out and I have no clue why it’s doing this. I also just have the laser object at 0,0,0 on a second layer. Don’t know if that affects it …

Yes I did and it fixed it. Make one of your windows an outliner and click on lasers. It maybe that you have funny groupings I didn’t see under the main mesh called Lasers. All I did was left click on the lasers object and do what I said above. Let me do it again and upload it somewhere. Give me a sec.

Nope, you are right. I guess I didn’t roll the ship or move it when I tested to see if that fixed it. My guess though is it is an issue with object origins. When you move your origins on some object that affects the lasers is wrong.

I just was playing with it and I have no idea what the problem is. It could be something in your script. I’m no game engine guy, so it could take me a long time to figure this out.

i took a look at your file and noticed it was a scaling issue. select all your objects with A in object mode. Press CTRL+A then apply scale…positioned them right for me…Its a good idea to keep scale applied to everything.

Edit. I also noticed your physics were very high on my machine…18ms…setting the “guns” to no collision dropped it back down to .3 ms as they were constantly colliding with the ship hull

I knew it was something like this. Great job superflip.

Hurray! That fixed it!