Projecting an image "behind" an object

Hi, this is my first post. I have a relatively simple question about recreating a certain material. In some games, you sometimes see a stylistic texture effect where an image is “behind” a model, and any way you look at the model, the image is visible. For instance, this heart texture from noby noby boy


I was wondering how to create this effect in Blender. Any tips would be greatly appreciated

Go in your sidebar
==> go to “World Properties”
==> “Surface”
==> click on the circle button of “color”
==> choose “environement texture”
==> “Import” the image you want in your scene !

like this?

camera or window will maybe give you what you need?

That works great, thank you

I’m sorry, I didn’t goodly read your question, sorry for the nonsense answer… :sweat: