Projecting coloured light?

Hi all, I’m a blender newbie and I’ve been wondering recently if Blender is able to do a “stained glass church window” type light set-up…?

For example, sunlight streams through a pane of red glass and tints an object on the opposite side of the glass red?

Also, is there a magnifying glass effect? Like, where light is focussed to a single point (or dispersed) by a transparent object?

I’ve been trying to achieve these things but havn’t managed yet! I don’t need them for any projects (yet) I’m just curious :slight_smile:

You have to enable TraShadow for the materials recieving the Light after it is passed through the transparent object. This is a raytracing effect and only works for ray traced shadows (yep, it’s not light, it’s shadows).

The other effect you are referring to is called caustics. You can get a build with Fake Caustics here:

Otherwise you’ll need to use a program like YafRay.

For your first one you’ll also need to crank up the filter value, it’ll give you a deeper color in the shadow then with just alpha and TranShadow.

And the fake caustic build is old, I don’t think it even has SSS.

You can render the caustics with that build and composite the result into the scene with the nodes compositor or the VSE. If you’re making animations SSS will more than likely add more time to the render than you’re willing to spend.