Projecting Decals on a car

Hi there! At first i hope this is the right board. Tbh i wasnt sure of it, but i did not fin any better fitting, so sorry to the mods if they have to move it.

Im looking for help to find the easiest way to project/add/whatever decals to a car. Usually I would just use textures for images, but because a car has - at least most models, except maybe the cybertruck - all these weird round shapes and 5 relevant sides ( left, right, frond, back, top ) and some of the decals will be images with drawing/designs and so on, some of the images have to wrap correctly around the corners, for example from the side near the front left tire to the hood. So UV-Texturing isnt really an Option for this i guess. I believe that unwrapping a whole car onto a 2D Plane with all the edges being correctly next to each other is just impossible without being totally deformed. ( isnt it? )

I just didnt find any good solution for this. I thought of a plane with the shrinkwrap-modifier + displace to make it float slightly above the car’s surface, but because the shrinkwrap works also with the amound of vertices at the selected mesh, the plane gets deformed alot as well and doesnt keep its 1:1-Shape. The car of course has not a 100% perfectly evenly distributed mesh.

Any good ideas for this? I thought of doing a rough retopo of the relevant parts, with hopefully a better distribution of the vertices so the shrinkwrap can work a bit better. At the end its only for preview-purposes, so it doesnt need to be 100% perfect ( 90% would be enough ). The decals will be rendered alone on a transparent background and than later in the process be composed on top of the prerendered car.

Oh man i hope you understand what im trying to say. English is not my native language and it gets even worse when it’s about complex 3D-Stuff :smiley:


Of course, there are many ways to apply a decal on a surface. . .
personally I use the Addon DECALmachine which does this very easily, with perfect projection on all surfaces … :+1:
Addon DECALmachine

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Looks pretty handy, sadly ( but understandable ) i need to pay for it, so it’s not an option yet. Im gonna keep this in mind if i dont get any other ideas. So far, thanks alot! :slight_smile:

Ok I understand for the purchase of an addon …

maybe go back to your original idea, using the Shrinkwrap modifier… :bulb:
You have many examples on this Forum …:
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