Projecting light from animated texture

Hey guys new to Blender, ive been racking my brain and googling like mad trying to find some answers.
Basically i have a thin transparent object with a texture/Video file rendered into it.
Its basically an advertising Billboard.

Now that all works i can render the animation and the texture AVI plays fine during the Scene render. But for the life of me i can’t seem to find out how to make it Emit light and cast it onto other objects in the scene. Kind of like a Projected Texture. Is blender capable of this?
Ive tried the YafaRay render but it doesn’t seem to support AVI textures afaik…

Can anyone give me any insight in how to emit light from an animated texture.

Yes, in this screen shot, one plane is emitting the image sequence onto the other glossy plane. There are no other lights in this scene.