Projecting light through Alpha channels?

in the “texture types in blender” tutorial on this site, the author overlays a plane with an image ressembling a cargo net or loosely-woven thread. i notice in the example where he turns on alpha transparency, the shadow cast by the netting is still a solid square; that is, the light cast on the object wasn’t allowed to pass through the holes in the netting… is there any way to correct this? i’ve tried playing with the settings using both the native renderer and Yafray, but i still can’t seem to get the shadows right… :expressionless:

turn on raytracing, and for the material recieving the shadow, turn on ‘trashad’ in materials.

i made the change to the material receiving the shadow as you suggested and it worked no problem with the Blender render - thanks for the help! however, when i switch to rendering with Yafray, i am unable to see even the bitmap i assigned to the plane, let alone it’s alpha channels or the light passing through it… are there other settings i should change before using yafray???

I don’t think alpha works properly with yafray yet.