Projectioin Paint - how to reduce ugly seams?

Hi, ppl!
Check this video, at the end U’ll see ugly seams, how to reduce them?
And here’s the blend file if needed

I don’t know. You are really pushing projection painting to its limit by trying to paint a face that is near or at perpendicular to projected view! You know, that is where pixel gets stretch to infinity, a block hole of projection painting. I think you are falling off the edge there.

I did not watch the whole video, but are they rotating the ball and switching to different source bitmaps? Is there a particular MM:SS frame in the video where the artifacts you’re describing are most evident? Can you post a still?

Here is a still image
The area with seam junction has ugly lines
The video is just an example, I found this problem while tried to prepare the texture for the human model

I’m a newbie in texture and I also got that ugly seam
I’m using 2.56 at this moment


It seems to be due to the texture paint not being able to extend beyond the borders of the UV-seams. The Bleed option (which is meant to prevent just that) doesn’t seem to have an effect either, even at higher values. So, do we have a bug here?

if I remember well my bleed option was 2 (like default, I didnt touch it)
so is it a bug ?

I used Bleed from 0-8 and it seems not working correctly
but if we look at UV with texture there’s a border for about several pixels that has to prevent ugly seams
I think it’s a bug!!!
Could anybody tell about it to the developers? (english is not my native)

I have never submit a bug and dont even know how and where, so pls somebody

After doing another test, I found that ‘Bleed’ works just fine (compared to yesterday). However, the edges along the seams are still present, so the cause must be something else.

Ppl say it’s not a bug and we should write to TODO tracker
take a look, hope it is

Anyway I posted the "bug"

i reported this a long time ago and the problem is that the texture bleeding is wrong as seen in this picture it blurs out which results in the seams you are experiencing

if i remember it right some coder told me that it can not be fixed at the moment or its not on high priority or something like that and so the report got closed and probably forgotten like a lot of other reports… o_O

Also having done a lot of painting lately I took a look. It seems to only happen with the clone brush. I have also seen a similar thing with the smooth brush. I don’t have the time now or I’d look into the whole thing a little further. I have not seen any problem with projection painting using images when not cloning.

This happens in 2.49 too. I’ve always manually fixed my seams to put my seams in places where it’s less noticeable. As far as I was always concerned, projection painting saves so much time anyway manually fixing somthing that people always did manually anyway is no big deal.

Good news

Commit by campbellbarton :: r34124 /trunk
bugfix [#25498] Projection paint clone tool leaves seams

waiting for the build now)

lucky that 2.56a didnt come out on tuesday ^^

Try using the smear brush. That seems to work well on the current model I’m painting.