Projection Paint Artifacts


I am fairly new to Blender and am using 2.57b on an Intel Mac.

My goal is to get a UV texture created for a wooden-slab that I modeled in Blender.

What I am finding is that Projection Painting the front and back of the slab works fine, but when I do the sides I get artifacts on the front especially (shown in image attached).

One side in particular seems to get artifacts before I even start applying Projection Painting for it.

Is there a way to prevent this that I missed?

The wood slab is not a perfect rectangle, but one with beveled edges and slightly curved sides, for a handmade-look.

Many thanks,



For the wood-slab if I paint so an edge is pointing to space that seems to avoid the bleeds.

The bleeds happened since the slab is not a perfect rectangle. Even when oriented absolutely other faces could get some exposure.