Projection Paint from Camera

I was wondering if Blenders texture paint has the ability to “stamp” color from a reference picture in camera space to the painted object? I think this feature is called image ink in Modo and I know that Zbrush and Mudbox have that, too.
I thought that I have seen a Blender video showing that a while back.
Does someone have information on that one?

Hi Nirmaldavid,
Thalia for your answer. I know the feature you are talking about but in my opinion it is a bit sluggish because I first have to project the different textures onto the mesh and then clone it. The difficulty here is that I have to prepare uvs and textures before I can start to paint.
I found a video that explains what I am thinking of (~2:00). I thought that Blender has the same feature but perhaps it didn’t made it to the Release.

Thank you very much.

Modo Image Ink Feature:

this is a small sample setup.
Projection-Paint is done to a cube.

To use a different object, you need to redo the uv-smart-unwrapping
and the settings for the projection.

It is easy possible to setup the mask to only the selected faces (in edit-mode)
and then clone the texture like seen in 3d-view (glsl-display-mode) to
a new empty image. This image can later saved and used as texturing.


pro_paint.blend (408 KB)