Projection painting and image res look crappy

hi everyone ive being trying to use projection painting with my own image however when i switch to the texture mode the image looks rally crappy and distorted, and i really have noidea why this is happening since the image quality is above 3072(something like that)
so the question is: what should i do pfrom there?

here it is how the images look atm:

thanks in advance for any help an i expect…

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@Topic: I dont know how you could prevent this :confused:

hi all ,
thanks for ur support jimmyon,but i already found out why that was happening,its bcoz i have changed the video card settings ,more specificly the footprint setting lol…its all set now,but a new chalange has come to me again lol…
the thing is,i havent finished the mouth and the rest of the body neither ,why when i move the head around i can see the holes which looks like this:

ok so the first one has no transparency but the second one as it shows up looks buggy…is there any setting that i can change in order to make it less irritating? lol jks
thanks in advance,
Romy(or old ShortK)

I would say that the mouth polygons have their normals reverted! Other than that, you model looks pretty nice, can you show a wireframe shot?

Hey Tora how yu doing man?
long time dun cya ^^ and ofc its been "years’ that i dont mess with blender and othercomputer activities but now im back and willling to achieve better results ^^
and yeah the problem was related to the normals and as i said due to the fact that i never touched blender for decades i couldnt figure it out myself hehe…anyways as soon as i clicked ctrl+n everythng went bk to normal :smiley: and thx 4 the big help tho as usual :smiley:
as requested ill be posting now a few pics with all almost done,i just need to tweak a couple stuff here and there aftwards everything should be looking in a good shape!

any further c&C is greatly apreciated since i havealot to get done yet!
Kind regards,

Not SubSurfed>>


here i go with an small update: