Projection painting error

I’m trying to texture this head.
I unwrap the head, and add a 4096x4096 image.
Then on another UVlayer, i project from view onto a front view image.
Then I use the feature to paint the projected view onto the unwrapped image.
It shows up on the UV image editor fine, but not in the 3d view.

try a tutorial

you can try mine as well, there is no sound, but I use several UV layer at begining so I don’t have to re-do the projection every time :

Im pretty sure im doing it right, because it creates the image in the uv image editor. But just doesn’t show up in the 3d view.

Another projection painting tutorial of a head if that helps.


OK, it seems noone is listening to me. it is working, i use a lower resolution image and it works fine. I do it the exact same but with a better image, and it only shows up in the uv image editor, not the 3d view.
Then i go back into object mode, it recalculates the textures, and it shows up in the 3d view.

Did you load that image in the UV editor for the base UVs?