Projection Painting + Normal Values

I did a quick, crappy little test where I just projected a whole bunch of scaly textures onto an even crappier arm.

I was following a tutorial that said to un-check all of the textures assigned to the object so that projection painting would actually work, and that the render wouldn’t be a conglomerate of all assigned textures. The object’s been unwrapped and whatnot as well.

For map input, I’ve selected UV for all textures. Also, in the map to panel, normal is selected for all textures, and the normal slider is all the way to the right.

This presents a problem. I can do all of my projection in the viewport, but because all textures are deselected, nothing shows up for the preview material but a blank, white sphere. Rendering produces this:

As you can see there are several problems.

  1. No normal mapping/values are evident :frowning: which means that it won’t fake bumps and depth and whatnot.
  2. Some stretching and fading of the texture on the ‘spikes,’ even though I have plenty of points there (can anybody figure that out?). In some places the texture won’t even project.
  3. It is seamless, but you can see where the texture repeats. How can I fix this, or what can I do about it?

My main problem is the lack of normal mapping.
Shortly continued below…


Ignore those last two images.

Instead of this:

I want this:

Thanks to anyone who can help! :slight_smile:

Nobody can help me out?

For your normal map, make sure the normal map type is set to Tangent, also note Tangent space will only work if your object is unwrapped which it seems like it is.