Projection painting problem

So I’m following the BlenderCookie tutorial for projection painting in 2.5 and I’ve just set up my second UV set over the image I want to project and then I tab out and switch to textured-view to look and see if it’s put itself on the mesh like it’s supposed to. It’s on the mesh, sort of, but just around the edges and things and I don’t know what I’ve done wrong here. Here’s a couple screen-shots and the .blend, what step have I missed here?

The problem you’re having is due to the normals being flipped the wrong direction. There are a couple reasons for this. The main reason has to do with your multiple duplicate vertices. Select all verts and remove doubles, this will clear 444 extra verts. Then recalculate normals (ctrl N), which flipped inside for me so I had to manually flip normals (select all, press W, flip normals). That should fix your immediate problem.

I tried it again but adjusted it so that there weren’t any vertices outside of the UV area and that fixed it too. Thanks for helping!