Projector Modeling

Hello all,
I was wondering i anyone would be willing to model up a projector for me based off this one. It doesnt have to be super detailed just however well you can do without putting too much of your time into it. Thanks

I will try, but i can’t promise it’ll be good :stuck_out_tongue:

Hah im sure itll be fine. I just need it for a classroom scene im working on doesnt have to be perfect. I couldnt find one already modelled and am busy working on the other aspects and animation. Thank you
(btw if you need more reference images, the name is an epson brightlink)

I’m sorry man but i just got two pretty big school assignments, so i won’t really have time to make it :frowning:

How unaccurate can it be?

@bjarkedude it’s fine I am also a student and understand completely

@tiagotiago it doesn’t have to be that accurate really just whatever you can come up with that’s similar just don’t put too much time into it

Hey, will this do?

Send me a PM if you want the model.


That guy above me went ham

I think you might’ve placed the projector lens stuff on the wrong side, from what i’ve seen so far this particular projector puts the image on the very wall it is attached to.

You are correct it should be on the other side, still very nice work. We were unfortunately unable to work things out so I’m still looking for a model if anyone wants to model one

I can model you a projector, if I am given credit for my work if you are posting it anywhere.

Sorry for the late reply, yes i will most certainly give you credit for your work. As well as have many possible opportunities in the future. The only reason im asking to not pay for this model is becuase i am not being paid for this particular project, otherwise i would be glad to purchase the model.