Projectors - A Blender add-on for simple projector creation and modification

@brite I finally had the time to implement your requests, a first version was uploaded to GitHub It’s not well tested at the moment, let me know if something breaks.
P.S. If you load a custom image, you have to toggle the “Let Image Define Projector Resolution” checkbox to get it to update. I hope this will be automated in the future.

Hihi Ocupe!
Thank you for taking the time to implement my requests! I’ll check things out soon. Bit busy at the moment. When I’ve done some testing, you’ll hear from me. Again, thanks and hope the development of Projectors will continue and many users will see its usefulness!:slightly_smiling_face:

AWESOME! Many thanks! A must have for projection mapping calculations. Can’t wait to see Eevee compatible version.

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Hi Ocupe,

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

I was looking for a way to make the native camera project its background image to try and achieve the same result with no success and looked everywhere on how to create a projector in Blender and all ways seemed clunky imprecise and difficult to set up, then I thought I’d try and search for an addon and found this ! Perfect! thank you!

I am trying to make a mock up of a multi projector setup and was interested to see what the actual throw capability of a particular set of projectors might look like for a given scale model of screen - this solves the problem in a few easy clicks ! Thanks!

If I could ask for one request, it would be the ability to add tombstoning, I know you have shift, but if replicating a projector with a fixed lens, tombstone is the only way to achieve a correct end result if the projector is offset from right-angles.

And if I’m being super cheeky, I might ask if it would be possible to add the ability to create or edit/import a projection mapped/warped setup, (IE tweak the projected output fit certain non rectangular shapes)?

Otherwise, thanks so much again for putting this out there!

Hi @Solosails, Thank you for your warm words, I’m glad that the addon is helpful to you.

I think I know what feature you’re referring to, but I could not find anything under the name “tombstoning”. Are you referring to “Keystone Correction”? Could you link a Wikipedia article or something similar, just to make sure that we talk about the same thing?

I’m always happy about requests like this - so thank you :slight_smile:
I’ll look into it. But I think it is not strait forward to implement with nodes. Please don’t expect this feature to be added soon. But I also don’t say no :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi Ocupe,

Thanks for taking the time to reply - of course you are right, I did mean Keystone, (realised after I posted that I tomb by mistake!) If that would be possible to add, that would be pretty much perfect!!

The Projection mapping I can see would probably involve quite a good deal of effort as you’d have to have some sort of editor to make the shape. The only way I could think about how it might work is if the user created the mapping output in another dedicated mapping software that can output a template, but there are quite a few bits of software that do this like madmapper (also blender to some extent) - Tough call but awesome if you could achieve it!

Thanks again!

Super usefull for mapping. Thx a lot.

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Hi Again, another request- sorry!

Any chance you could extend the range of the offset settings? Currently they are capped at 20%, but some projectors (very short throws) can offset over 100% and actually, there is no way to alter this, so the need to extend the current range would significantly increase the number of projectors that could be replicated - thank you!

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Hello @Solosails, 20% is only a soft max, you can type in numbers that are bigger than that. This is true for many places in Blender :slight_smile:

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Awesome! Thanks!

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Thank you for sharing, great add-on!
Is there a way to copy/paste the projectors?

cool but how do i use it?

Hey, the projector is a combination of a camera and a spotlight. I turned the selectability for the spotlight off. If you turn it back on you can select and copy the projector (camera & spotlight) as a whole. Link to how to selection works in Blender.
Good luck :slight_smile:

What part are you having trouble with? Creating a projector?

Awesome! Thanks!
I understand the addon works with Cycles but is it possible to visualize just the impact of the projector in real time with Eevee?

The add-on build on the light textures. Sadly they are currently not supported by Eevee. That said, I’m working on a hack that should bring some functionality of the add-on to Eevee. No guarantee.