projects forum?

what do you guys think of this (just brainstorming here):
a ‘projects’ forum (here or elsewhere, I guess I could host one…) where artists who want to make a production would submit their project (along with proof of feasability) and mods would post it. Then, those looking to be a part of something could join up…

just a thaught. I think there should be a seperate place (other than wip) for serious big projects. (the mods could filter out any stray new-user threads that have low success chance)

You can even guess the name:

How about the Blenderartist admins put a link, that looks like a link to a forum, that points to Blender Projects?

that’d work, I actually already knew about blenderprojects but I like the Blenderartists community and blenderprojects only had about 200 users, here’s an idea: why not make all BlenderArtists members be able to post in blenderprojects too? (only replies, not new topics)

Tha’d be cool, except the post only replies part, but the only problem is that even admins don’t have access to peoples passwords, simply because if they did they might steal them.