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I am wanting to create a few sequences in Blender that I have no idea how to make. I have a basic knowledge of Blender, but these sequences are very complex. Soooo, here are the sequences:

Sequence 1: I want to have the camera to show an office with a window so that you can see the New York Skyline. After a few seconds of the camera moving around the room, I want the camera to pull up to a straight on shot of the window and for the window to shatter. (One shot)

Sequence 2: I want a tidal wave to hit a city. I want waves hitting and fliping cars, and different objects that would be in a city (benches, trash bins, etc). Just a whole sequence of caoss. (Numerous shots)

Sequence 3: An ocean with large waves. I want an overturned paddle boat riding the waves. I want the ocean swiriling like a waterspout/tornado/hurricane. I want it to be raining. I want the camera to be active. (One shot)

Sequence 4: I want a jet or a helicoptor flying over the ocean. Then I want it to explode, with all debris land in the ocean. I want the ocean swiriling like a waterspout/tornado/hurricane. I want it raining. (One shot)

I want these sequences to be very realistic. Which one will be the easiest to accomplish? Are know for a fact that they can be accomplished. The one I want made the most is Sequence 4. Soooooo, I guess if you want to help me out, help me out with that one first. Thanks for your help.

wow OK. If you want realism that could take a LONG time to make, and even if you have the time you need some great blender skills. Theoretically it could all be done. As for which would be the easyist…

good luck!
If you ever do end up finishing the scene I’d like to see it :slight_smile:

I just want someone to give me instructions on how to do theses sequences. And if someone is going to take the time to help, help me with Sequence 4. I really want to make that come to life.

I can download a model of a jet, so the model’s taken care of. I can do the animation of the plane flying. I need help with creating a stormy ocean, making the plane explode with debris falling in the ocean, and all of the physics and dynamics that will be involved.


ok, I hate to be the one to ruin your parade, but what you are asking is extremely difficult even for advanced users.

In no way am I discouraging you from trying, but this is going to take a long time to accomplish.

For stormy ocean, cog has some excellent tutorials on his site, which can be found here:

As for the physics and dynamics, most likely you will have to keyframe it all individually, although I do believe there might be some python scripts to help you out. Run a search for them on the boards here.

Good luck, I’d love to see this when you are done.