first offf i feel this topic needs to be here in this section because this is were people post there team projects that they would like to start. it would be helpfull for people who have never done this to read some of our mistakes and what we did to fix them or not fix them so anyone who has began a project only to have it flop post your advice on the lessons you learned. with this we maybe able to see more projects get finished.

something i have noticed, and i am guilty of also.

someone has an idea and this idea evolvs in to something more than they can handle so they come here to the best colletion of blenderheads, and post their ideas and ask for help in makeing there dream of a short, game or full leanth movie come to life.

what happens next is disapointing, people atatck them for makeing the post not all just some. now for those people who are posting their idea dont relize why this is happening so i will tell you, projects come and go people have great ideas or to them they think they are great ideas, you pour every ounce of energy getting the few people who do join in on your project excited about it and then it goes nowere. you spend to much time discussing the script or modeling things that is not what you need. people in your team start to leav and not talk to you they all go on to do there own thing.

this is best intentions with verry bad reprocusions. and the reson why people attack your post.

how to fix this.

first you have to relize what went wrong or notice what is going wrong. if people dont see progress they lose interest, if one day you had a website but now you dont that tells people your about to fold.

i started haveing this problem with bonobo pictures and in fact i am glad it happend because the people i did not lose when i lost my website stayed,
we all got togeather and discused a way to reorganize our project we compleatly left our old ways of not getting stuff done and started working on something we could slowly bring our selfs back withsome people from the old team saw what we had done and we wellcomed them back.

if you bite off more than you can chew your gonna choke, hopefully you can get that disloged and move beyond it. take smaller bites dont try takeing over the world all at one time, and recognize that you might have to re organize your entire project. work on a smaller project put the other one on the back burner create deadlines for models and aplications, we all use blender because we all have dreams and blender makes it capable for us to reach those dreams. you just have to be realistic about them.

my team and i have all but stoped posting updates in the forum for what we are building for the short because in truth we want to have something good to show you. we wanted to attract more people to the project at first and this caused us no end of trouble we got nothing done this way.

so take that great idea and run with it the best advice i could give you is take it in small steps and alwase alow your team to do their jobs they know what there doing.

take it from someone who almost failed, i i might still fail but i hav a better idea now than i did befor keep blending have fun be creative and by all means start a team evin if you flop take a lesson away from it get back up brush yourself off and do it againe.

happy blending blender heads

sorry for the book guys lol i just wanted to share what happend with my team to start off with and save people the headach of going through the same thing.

This is indeed helpful! I’m also participating in a project, and we’re still in an early stage, so this info comes right on time :P!

It’s true most people bite big chunks off and then choke on em, I even think we did :frowning: .

sorry it took so long to reply to this i had drill weekend this weekend. all i can say when it comes to projects of any size is to keep the sections small and try to implement deadlines regardless of times people cant work it is ok to go over on a deadline but it just remindes you what you need done and by about the time you need it.