Projekt CounterPunch pre-production preview

Happy 2011 Blender world!

The projekt is about using simple (stopmotionish) animation but strong everything else to make an indie feature film.

It is nothing but a bold step into the feature film world, -especially when it can be done.
Though am not so much of a blogger type, I thought of dropping some stuff on this thread about the projekt once in a while.

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Excellento! Fantasico! Happy Year and best wishes for your project!

Thanks Kbot.
First off I’d like to correct myself on my previous post talking about a ‘no-budget feature film project’ -which on the contrary was the sole reason for such a huge drag and current delay of the projekt (and posts -5months!).
Anyone with some knowledge about the indie film world (and 3d world) knows that that is close to insane.

Otherwise, progress is slowly being made, and though there is still too much to be done, much has, -and is being prepaired for.

This clip was just to get the feel of where the projekt was heading and also to show something to guys who might help out!:eyebrowlift:

So if you have 1.5 minutes to spare, why not take a look, -and comments are welcome.
Blend On!


Quite cool. You need to hook up with gregzaal. you guys share a lot of the same aesthetic.

I think the directing of the teaser is pretty good, but it doesn’t tell me much about the story.
It does arouse curiosity though, and should generate interest if you promote it enough.

Thanks 3dementia, we were advised to at least have something small shown as we got things prepared up, -yet much of the project still needed major work, -models still plain models or just model sketches etc, so we could’nt have something well connected that easy.
-So right about gregzaal, and BTW that Train-Toons WIP is really interesting.