Really wanted to do a sculpt, and had been wanting to do Atlas for a while now, but figured I’d start off with Prometheus.

todo: the fire, and raven, and figure out what I’m going to do about the liver. Pretty sure I’m not going to texture it, and it’ll just be a clay render.

Great work but, I think that you posted it on the wrong section, or you are making a game?

Yeah I totally did, actually.

Moved from “Game Engine > Works in Progress and Game Demos” to “Artwork > Works in Progress”

Wow, I thought that was a ref image at first. Looks sweet!

wow, looks great :smiley: the rock is particularly looking good

This will actually be the last render for this. At least for a while, spent quite a while working on a texture for some fire for the open hand, but didn’t like any of the results.

I alluded to the raven with the shadows.