promo animation - need feedback

I was going to post this in Finished Projects, but the more I wathc it the more I realize, it’s not finished. It’s definately missing something, but I’m not sure where to go with it. so C&Cs are definately welcome.
(Beafy - 4 megs)

Thnx :slight_smile:

may be you should start in real close and as your pulling away the logo turns to face the camera?

oh yeah work on the colors to you need some sorta recognizable color scheme, and perhaps some slightly reflective material?

I was going to say - more reflextive - but you’d need some background to reflect

How about animating the spotlight so it sweeps in a diagonal path from top right down to bottom left as the logo rotates

You could delay the centre circle slightly and have it arriving at the same pos as the main part (rotating faster)

or you could have the centre zooming out (away), then the logo rotates, then it zooms back with a ‘pop’ into the correct final possition

just suggestions…

Without anything else going on, the rotation of the logo and the text fade-in effects are simply too slow. I lose interest after about 3 seconds. Now, granted, I’m watching it without sound, so maybe I’m missing something there. However, it should be visually strong enough to retain interest even without sound. I would also recommend adjusting your logo’s material or world material. The light reflections on the move are kind of sore spots for the entire animation and the value of the background and the object are similar enough that it prevents the logo from really jumping out at you like it probably should.

Just a few notes. Hopefully you find them helpful.