promo video - cubes aplenty

This is a simple animation I did for a personal promo video


Video (~10 MB)](

It’s quicktime now

That was a really good video. Excellent use of particles and the music brought it all together very well. Was everything done in blender? Are you able to post the blend? Great work.



thanks. pretty much everything was in blender, except the editing and glow effect, which was done in vegas.

I have about 4 separate blend files, so I’ll post them, except for the one with the earth, because it’s about 50 megs.

blend files

That was great :slight_smile: Well done 8)

is the thing i am suppose to download a codec? cause it didn’t say anything about it just took me to the download.

edit: yes it’s a codec - very cool animation - and nice demo! :wink:

wow it is really nice dude.

Very, very nice!

What was the song?



:o :o :o
smileys say it.

song was ‘strict machine’ by goldfrapp. you may recognize it from a gba commercial.