Promo Video I made for my Church

This is a quick promo video I made for my Church’s Youth Group, the Connection. There has obviously been some post work done in After Effects, (the text and transitions), but the scene itself was modeled, animated and rendered in Blender. I know it’s fairly simple, but I think the simplicity works for the video as a whole.

I added an embedded video rather than a link to make it easier for forum readers.

I agree - the simplicity is good. On an animation like that with no characters and stuff, camerawork, timing your cuts, etc, is most critical, and you did that well.

Very nice, I like the concept a lot, and the execution was amazing. Maybe I should do a promo for my youth group, my get the word out more.

I liked the idea :). But I had to play the video twice to notice the word ‘God’ :S… Maybe it is better to make more attractive (change its color, animate it…) :wink:

nice work, ;D i thought that was kind of cool!

I like the simplicity of the message delivery - rolling back to show the power strip plugged into itself was a nice example of that message. Too bad you couldn’t have done those transitions and titles in Blender, but AE is a very good software for that. I like it, quick and to the point.

Great job!
Any plans to make it available to other youth groups?

I did actually create a generic version of the video with simply the “Get Plugged In” line at the end. If people would like to use it I am more than happy to put it up somewhere to download it. It does contain some different music at the end as well, since in this video I used a track from the band Pillar. The generic one uses a piece of similar music that I wrote and recorded myself as to be able to freely distribute it. It’s also rendered at a full 720p as an added bonus. I’ll set up a download somewhere and put a link up here.

That would be very cool!!! Thank you for that - I will point it out to the people I know that work with youth groups here once you do!

Yes, thanks. I’m having a meeting about animation used for presentations at church today. Perhaps we could set up some sort of sharing agreement. A clearing house of sorts for shared animations.

Two words describe this whole video…EP…IC!!!


this was great. the concept was there and you did great with this short video! great job and keep up these concepts to the youth!!

Great idea and wonderfully executed! Thumbs up!

HAHA! and im thinking of doing one for my youth group: The Unit!
cool! im going to start on mine now :wink:

yeah I liked that alot, fine job. I do my Church’s TV broadcast and use blender for various parts.

Pretty awesome. Two thumbs up. :wink:

nice idea.