Well…where to start…here is a screen cap of an animation that I am working on, freelance, I mainly posted this so people can see how I achieved the final image with the compositor…Mainly the transparent reflection on the floor. As the background is set to the world settings and there is actually no floor.


any crits or comments on the overall composition?

double, sorry

very nice effect, as I looked at it the text started to grow towards me! My only thought is to not use star on the vector blur, just make a trail effect for the rain.

Double what?

I kinda agree with the star effect. Unfortunately the design has already been approved for final…can’t change it now lol. The only major issue with the star effect on the text is I have to change it for different parts of the animation…depending on where the text is located so therefore I have to render in multiple parts and put them all together…but as of right now I am at almost 10,000 frames of animation at 30 fps…and I am about half way done with the rendering…rendering on a AMD FX-8120 3.1ghz overclocked to 4ghz…8 core processor…

here is the link to the final video.