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I found a picture and on the web of of teapot. When I saw it I was thinking about how can I do that in Blender because the render is from 3d max. Does someone know How to do that in Blender because I said to the person who made the render, I can do that in Blender (but I don’t know how :-? ) Maybe it when we can find it out, we can make a tute of it :smiley:


That’s one of those “famous” 3d models. There’s a version of it on The Blender Book’s CD in the environment/env_map00.blend file. Haven’t got a clue on the material, tho… If ya get it, please do make a tut and/or put the material in a library somewhere…

To make a material like that in Blender you need to use the old nor-mapping trick. It’s extensively described in the Blender 2.0 Guide in the section named “making hollow glass” or something like that. As you can see the opacity of the material varies depending on the viewing angle combined with the surface normal. This is done using a procedural sphere or halo mapped with nor-coordinates controlling the alpha. There is also some reflection, both on the pot and the floorplane, which suggests two hi-res envmaps.

It’s fully possible to come pretty close to the same result using such trickery.

EDIT: You will get some problems with the self reflections on the pot tho. That usually requires real raytracing. Usually… But that can be faked, so just go ahead!

This is about the best I can manage after half hour of playing at work…

That’s using the NOR method for transparency (and a little bit of Emit) and some cloud/gradient pics for reflections (not very noticeable).
Please excuse the terrible modelling, it was a quick test to see if I could get anywhere near.

Mmmh It sounds like to find out how to make such material, Nice Hexe-db, the modeling doesn’t matter. I’m also trying find out but I’m really close. excuse for my bad english :wink: