Prompt for saving / overwritting?


I’ve got a question, is there an option to activate prompts for overwriting files? (saving)
I searched the pref. but didn’t find anything. Only a prompt for quitting.

as far as i know, Ctrl + S doesn’t overwrite current file, but shows a prompt before it does (“Saveover?”), did you test it?

Yeah the problem I have is import/export.

It happend twice that I wanted to import an obj file but accidently clicked on export.
Doubleclicked the target file… and nothing happend… well acutally it happend something… I’ve overwritten my obj file with the default blender scene. And hours of work lost :c

The first time I not even recognized what happend and why. Because there was no prompt or something and I thought I clicked on import…

Thats why I am asking if there’s somewhere an option to enable them. Because as I am working mostly on game assets and need to import/export a lot (objs, fbx) it’s a very critical thing for me if it happens.