Prompt to save at new or exit

Is there any way to make Blender prompt a save at exit or creating a new file?

I have lost to much work so many times by accidently pressing the cross or creating a new file when I wanted to save.

You could probably script an operator in python that would ask to save then create a new file…

You’d then map that in the ui scripts to the menu for new file and also in the hot key editor…

That should solve the “new file” problem… You’d probably need to do one for opening a file too…

Blender automatically saves when you quit, so if you forgot to save just use the “recover last session” button/menu… not a help if you’ve opened other files in between…

Finally you should check the tmp directory for your OS as blender is very good at saving backups regularly… I use linux and have mapped the tmp folder to somewhere easy to access!

Usually when I recover last session it opens something that is really not the most recent.
I will have to check what I have my autosave directory set to.

I cross my fingers hand hope they implement some “prompt to save” in the future.

Thanks a bunch.

that’s because using “new”, closing with the “x” in the corner(i think) or closing the console window all bypass the "quit save " function…

closing via the menu or key shortcut will always save a quit.blend

I guess I have good habits as I’ve never lost more than 5 minutes of work (and then rarely) in the last couple of years…

When I lose my work it is ussuallt when I am going to close the render window by accident press the wrong X button. I am trying to make it a good habit to tell blender to put my render window in the center of the screen instead of top right.

CTRL+S should save your work.

Yes it does, I am aware.

then just hit that before you’d close your render window. :slight_smile:

the “recover last session” works perfectly, it just seems to reset all your settings/layouts/etc. to the default settings, but it does load the last thing you had open when you exited blender.

Never ever EVER use the file menu in blender, for there is a probability of 73% that you accidentally clic on the “New” option, and a probabilty of 72% that you cannot recover work, even if you thought you configured your temp directory.

… and if you really really need to get into the realms of the File menu, BEWARE! NEVER enter it without permanently having your left mouse button pressed all the way down, which you’ll want to release if and only if the mouse arrow hovers above a safe option that is different than the “New” option. Use of adhesive tape is strongly recommended if you don’t have 100% control of your index finger.

Also, BE A PERFECT USER and remember saving your work every second, for blender assumes you ARE a perfect user.

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I too wish that you had the option to have blender warn you before opening a new window. Especially for new users!

But, there actually is a really handy auto-save feature. Mine is set to save every 5 mins in my c:/tmp directory, can’t even begin to explain how nice this feature is. I mean, I’ve never really lost more than five minutes worth of work due to a crash. Just note that the file it saves is named 3 or 4 numbers, not your original name (example 7937.blend or 888.blend). Just find the most recent .blend file in that directory and praise this lovely feature.

But still a buffer to keep me from closing accidentally would be nice.