Pronounce the name of a BA user!

Like the topic title says :slight_smile:

Get out your webcam, your microphone, or whatever else that has the ability to give audible input to your computer, and try to pronounce the weirdest user names on BlenderArtists!

(And yes, one reason for opening this topic is because many people call me “oognoepje”, “oggsnoepje”, etc etc. and yes, I’m wondering how people all over the world would pronounce my typically Dutch user name :ba:)

Hey, I’m Afrikaans, I’m sure I pronounce it properly, Oogsnoepje!

Uke-Snoop(oo as in book)

no… :no:

Maybe Ox-noppy?


oksnopye naja Augenbonbon halt, also Augenschmaus.

haha funny thread like to see you try mine :wink: kidding.

how about,

ews-gnu-pléy lol


well, I happen to know IPA (alas, I have no microphone), so if you guys can read it this is what I think it sounds like:

  • glottal stop: the sound before the a in “about”
  • close-mid back round vowel: the o in the German “boot” sort of like English “hose” but without the u sound (houz)
  • voiced velar fricative: I believe this is how a g is pronounced in Dutch, like in g Spanish “Diego”, basically a g in English that is held out, (but maybe its just a normal g or more like ch in German “ach”)
  • voiceless alveolar fricative: normal s as in in “sit”
  • alveolar nasal: normal n as in “new”
  • open-mid front round vowel: like a rounded version of English e in “they”, like o umlaut in German “könig”, (this one I am just guessing on, for all I know it is just a diphthong like in English “poem”)
  • voiceless bilabial plosive: normal p in English “hope”, but maybe not as hard
  • palatal approximant: y as in English “yet” and j as in German “jahr”
  • mid-central vowel: like er in British “supper” or e in German “katze”

I have no idea what syllables are stressed, though.

for those people who don’t know IPA, this is the best I an do:
ohGH sneir pyer
pronounce the GH like in ughh… (kinda)
the eir is the best I can do for German long o umlaut, pronounce this as a Britisher
the er should be pronounced as in British as well, or it can be like the u in “but”

EDIT: Upon doing a little tiny bit of research I learned that oe makes the u as in German “hut” and English “food” in dutch.
New IPA:
New Anglicized:
ohGH snoo pyer


or how about
darfo num-nums
elbow oboe

did i win? can i buy a vowel? ill buy the letter Q or maybe X. what are we even suppose to be doing? I MUST WIN! :spin: