Proof-Of-Concept Animation

Here is a little proof-of-concept animation I made for a possible upcoming project. I had the idea that if I invested some time upfront and made miniature sets, I could save a TON of rendering time on the backend, not to mention giving the project a unique look.

I made the set in a single afternoon, and no, it is not lit or photagraphed very well, but it did the job as a proof-of-concept…

Animation, compositing, rendering is Blender internal.

that is really cool. i think the effect does work really well. if you gave the characters
a similar clay-like material, it would be even better.

that’s really good looking.

Wow, thats so great. So would you use like icarus or something similar for moving shots (If any?)?

The troll looks like a evolutionary branch off of Mike from Monsters

Thanks a lot for the comments.
@mexicoxican- Yeah, I had thought of doing that, and I may do it yet when I get further into the project.
@squiggly_p- thanks!
@maul2- I think I would use VooDoo for match moving. I have not seen Icarus in a long while…I get that comment about Mike from Monsters Inc quite a bit, but the fact is I came up with this monster sometime in 1994 and Monsters inc came out in 2001 :slight_smile: I consider it a compliment to be compared with Mike.