Proof that tony stark has a heart

I have been working on this for a few days and i am quite happy with then results.
Ive been using blender for maybe half a year now. I know the bump map is shit, but i dont know how to get a higher resolution one.

Please tell me what i could have done better!


Bump are not that popular nowdays as they used to, using a normal map will bring a lot more detail. Bump maps are easier to draw and create of course since you only need black and white colors. But normal map are not that hard to make either especially if you have both take a model subdivide it add details to it bake the normal map then you can go to your old copy of the model where its lower detail and add the normal map so its appears almost the same as your detailed model.

For me the only complain I can find is that it looks a bit too blur, I would like the details to stand out more.

Thank you so much for the reply :slight_smile: I will try to use a normal map.