Proog in Sintel movie

Sintel was really awesome. Team have done a great job. I also noticed Proog charecter (4.21 mintutes ) in the movie in the market scene. It is really good to see proog back in the movie.

Once again, awesome work guys.

Yeh I noticed that too. Also sintel picks up a durian in the beginning, and also knocks over a crate of apricots during the chicken chase. I didnt see any oranges however.

I think there was a couple more easter eggs in there as well, but cant remember at the moment.

AD-Edge: Sintel grabs (and discards) a rotten orange just a second before the durian…

Edited: Nein, no orange at all. Seems to be a peach or apricot.

What is the round object levitating behind Proog?

After viewing highest quality version, I think the round thing is the base of a lantern or other transparent glass object hanging behind him.

I’m still looking for a Blender logo, I’d be amazed if it’s not in there somewhere. Maybe just have to wait for the production files!

There is one! At least I think it is one, watch the wheel on the tower when she runs up!

The butterflies around 6:20 appear to be the ones from BBB but with different texture :slight_smile:

lol that’s cool… looking for proog now

any monkey’s head around? maybe in a basket?

it’s true! that’s insane!! how did you spot that??

I’d say it’s simply an animation flaw, as the object moves in sync with the woman standing before Proog. Maybe it should have been around her neck.

I don’t want to start another thread for this trivial question:

There is a shot in the cave scene where Sintel leaps off the rock bridge and lands like a cat below. Is my memory failing me, or is her landing exactly like Trinity’s in one of the Matrix movies, where she leaps off the motorcycle in mid-air?

I search the two scenes and I thing there are similar but no exactly.

Sintel ( time 8:46)

Trinity ( time 0:08)

yes, it reminded me of Trinity too.

How about making this the official “Sintel easter eggs and assorted references”?

The chicken run is from the movie “City of God”, Sintel looking into the blood reminds me a lot of a similar scene from the game “God of War”, the moon/sun transition looks to be from the movie “Conan the Barbarian” and… Sintel looks a lot like Gollum from LotR (big expressive eyes, small mouth and chin, fragile body and arms, large hands, old skin…)

I’m sure there’s much more…

Probably not intentional, but on first viewing, the audio and visuals of the diving thug breaking Sintel’s staff reminded me of Proog sucking the birds into his telephone in ED.

Another instance of the logo? :confused:

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haha I can’t believe you found that! I put it in :smiley:
you awesome neXyon :slight_smile:

And yes guys, there are more eastereggs, keep lookin’ :slight_smile: