Proog in Sintel movie

Cool! :smiley:

I actually discovered it when looking for BBB props, hehe.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Suzanne is hanging on those cords in the hut.

Suzanne is in the Film!:eyebrowlift:
you can see it if you pause the film in 00:03:02 on the Right side in the middle of the Screen!

i also found a Animation error when Sintel close her eyes…you can see it in 00:04:36 (the eyes dont close simultan)!.
…thats not normal both eyes must close and open in the same time normally!!


Awesome! Tell me :smiley:

I could be wrong but the eye lids not closing at the exact same time is a technique used by Pixar and I would assume other major production houses to give the character more life. It not by accident. Search around for more information and found a little blurb here: but I think I actually heard it on the extra part of a Pixar movie DVD.

Isn’t it funny how an animation bug becomes a “technique” if it occurs in a Pixar movie?

indeed Mr. eye (lol)

I think I found it for you… could this be it?:confused::confused::confused::confused:

Can the team varify this… or am I just seeing things in the clouds?:eek:

im not sure what you are trying to point here…

It’s the bunny XD…

(\ /)
(> <)
( … )

From Big Buck Bunny XD

Emo: “grafixsuz…you’re a sick man. Stay away from me.” :slight_smile:

It really does look like Buck though!

Uhh… I don’t think so… But nice find. :stuck_out_tongue: Haha.

Suzanne in the Shadows (“with Diamonds”? lol)

Cheak out the credits, (13.17) they mention both big bunny buck and elephant dreams.

Well well well.

Well well well.