Proog! (sort of)

I just thought this was kind of funny. There’s a character on this ad for “Sid Meier’s Railroads” who looks a lot like Proog. This ad is on the back of Discover magazine if you want a copy.

I never watched Elephant’s Dream (but I want to, soon), but from the screenshots I’ve seen it sure looks like that guy.

Yep, Cornelius Vanderbilt, one of the great Railroad barrons.

If you had to make a caricature for a game of him It would end up like in the screen shot so I’m sure it wasnt made on purpose but still :smiley:
I actually saw the add, well trailer, and didnt make the connection ^^

Hmm… the real Vanderbilt has a much rounder head. He looks happier, too, and his hair is curly. I still think it looks like Proog… more like Proog than Vanderbilt.

“Emo, the trains are like… like clockwork.” I can’t resist.

:smiley: Lol, nice one.